Agenda item

Commissioning, Project Development and Finance (Nac.18.11.2019/7)


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, providing Member of the North Area Council with a financial positon and forecast for expenditure based on the projects that have been proposed and drawing their attention to the budgeting workshop recommendations within the report.  It was explained that until further notice community magazines are now going to be at whole Council level rather than at Area Council level.



(i)            The North Area Council note the existing budget position and existing funding commitments.

(ii)          Members note the information regarding the Housing Migration Officer post

(iii)         Members agree to combine the budget allocated for the youth participation officers with the budget for the young people’s project, and

(iv)         Members agree the forward commissioning profile and associated budget implications for 2020/21 and 2021/22 recommended at the budget workshop.


Supporting documents: