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Performance Management Report - Commissioned Projects & Grant Summary - Q2 (Nac.18.11.2019/6)


The Area Council Manager provided Members with a comprehensive North Area Council Performance Report for the period July –September 2019 (2029/20 Quarter 2). It was highlighted that Part A of the Performance report provides North Council members with an aggregate picture of how all the North Council contracted services contribute to the achievement of each of the North Area Council’s agreed outcomes and social value objectives of the report.


Part B provides North Council members with a summary performance management report for each of the contracted services together with RAG ratings plus updated information from all North Area Council Providers, following submission of their quarterly reports and subsequent quarterly contract monitoring/management meetings.


Part C provides a summary of performance information from the Strong Communities Grants Projects.  In addition to the information provided in the summary reports, more detailed information is available on request, including case studies with photographs for each contracted service. 


It was reported that the Housing Migration Officer post had been advertised in conjunction with Dearne Area Council.  Three applicants were interviewed, one of which was successful.  The candidate had decided to take up the post with the Dearne Area Council.  As a result, a further request to recruit has been submitted and will be advertised shortly.  The post will be based in Royston.   


A discussion took place around excess winter deaths data, as the trend appears to be worsening, with Darton East Ward experiencing the worst levels across the Borough.  It was suggested that a presentation with Public Health and DIAL would be useful to increase understanding of the issues and what can be done about it. 


Members’ attention was drawn to the performance of a number of grant projects, including the Emmanuel Church Ignite Project, which works with children and young people in school to encourage them to discover their strengths, make positive choices and promote individuality through good

mental health; YMCA Youthwork; Ad Astra Barnsley CIC (New Lodge) and the Fit Reds Healthy Lifestyle Programme which works to improve the health and wellbeing of both young people and adults in the North Area through the delivery of structured physical activity sessions coupled with lifestyle workshops. 



(i)            Members note the contents of the Performance Management report; and


(ii)          The Area Council Manager make enquiries about the possibility of a joint presentation from Public Health and DIAL around excess winter deaths data.


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