Agenda item

Questions by Elected Members

To consider any questions which may have been received from Elected Members and which are asked pursuant to Standing Order No. 11.


1             Councillor Lodge – Roads in Worsbrough


‘As a gateway to the town, it is essential that roads in Worsbrough can withstand the increased demand on them, and still ensure that residents are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in Worsbrough, as residents and business owners across the Ward are seeing damage to their properties as well as vehicles being regularly damaged by lorries attempting to use smaller roads. So, will the Cabinet Member responsible, commit to ensuring that all roads in Worsbrough are fit for purpose and if they aren’t, will they invest to improve the safety of all in the areas affected?


2             Councillor Wilson – Speed Indicator Devices


‘Speeding Traffic on our rural roads and through our villages in Barnsley has long been an issue for all our residents. Could I ask when Highways will have purchased the Speed Indicator devices (SIDs) as these were promised some time ago?’


3             Councillor Fielding – Location of new Secondary School in Barnsley


‘Has a site been offered by Barnsley Council to Trinity Multi-Academy Trust for the location of their new 900 place secondary school in Barnsley and if so, where is that site. If no site has yet been offered, which sites have been shortlisted?’


4             Councillor Lodge – Events outside Barnsley Town Centre


‘With the success of Our Dancing Town, will the Cabinet Member responsible look at ways in which the Council can deliver events like this in areas outside of the Town Centre?’

5             Councillor Hand-Davis – Weed Killer Usage

‘Following on from a previous question regarding Glyphosate spraying would the Cabinet Member agree with me that this weed killer is all we have available to deal with pernicious weeds?  It is not a banned substance and our operatives need the support and policy direction from this Chamber to continue its usage.’


6             Councillor Fielding – Penny Pie Park Gyratory and Job Creation


‘The Sheffield City Region funding for the Penny Pie Park Gyratory requires that construction of the gyratory will result in the creation of 115 new jobs by the end of March 2021 (18 months’ time) and if that target is not achieved, Barnsley Council will have to repay £10,100 for each job by which it fails to meet the 115 job target. 

a)    How many jobs currently exist at Capitol Park?

b)    How many more jobs can be created at Capitol Park if the gyratory is not constructed?

c)    How many more jobs can be created at Capitol Park as a result of the gyratory being constructed?’


7             Councillor Lodge – Missed Bin Collections in Worsbrough Dale


‘Can the Cabinet Member responsible explain the reasons behind the numerous missed bin collections in the Worsbrough Dale area? Residents in Worsbrough ensure their bins are out on time and we should collect them on time.’


8             Councillor Lodge – Establishment of Citizen Assembly in Barnsley

‘There is support across the UK for Citizen Assemblies, to address issues which affect everyone. Our neighbours in Sheffield City Council have supported the idea, establishing their own Assembly to address Climate Change and associated issues, including Public Transport. As such, does the Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Environment and Transportation) agree with Sheffield Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member for Environment, that it is wrong to think that any one person has solutions for everything and will they agree to establish a Citizen Assembly in Barnsley to investigate issues around Public Transport, Climate Change and other urgent issues?’