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Consultation (Pac.03.10.2019/7)


The Area Council Manager spoke to a presentation, detailing the consultation undertaken as part of the review of Area Council Priorities.


Members had previously agreed that the current priorities remained valid, but that further consultation ought to be undertaken in order to inform a review of priorities for 2020 onwards.


Those presented were reminded of the current priorities; Health and Wellbeing, Supporting Young People, Environment, Helping People to Connect Better; and The Local Economy including tourism. It was noted how these connected to the corporate priorities.  Also acknowledged were the guiding principles adopted by the Area Council.


Members were reminded of the survey and of the methodology adopted, which included the ability to complete the survey online and with paper versions circulated in key locations throughout the Penistone Area.


The survey had received 219 responses, which were from addresses quite evenly spread throughout the area. Residents were asked to highlight their top three priorities. 43% of respondents highlighted Greenspaces as a priority, 40% Health and Wellbeing, 37% highlighted Older people, 34% young people, and 30% the Local Economy.  Also of note was Getting Around which a quarter of people selected and Love Where You Live which nearly 20% of people selected.


It was noted that the sample size was rather low, especially given the efforts made to undertake the survey.  However, the findings reflected the current priorities of the Area Council.  Members discussed whether people were aware of the Area Council and Ward Alliance and whether residents were satisfied or disengaged.


When considering the next steps, it was suggested that the current priorities be maintained going forward and an open and ongoing questionnaire be launched with feedback invited throughout the year.  This could be featured in Penistone Living and included on the email signature of Members and officers.



(i)            That the current priorities be approved as the Area Council Priorities from April 2020 onwards;

(ii)          That an opportunity be established for residents to comment on priorities throughout the year.


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