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Notes from the Area's Ward Alliances

Darton East – held on 9th July 2019

Darton West – held on 8th July 2019

Old Town – held on 9th July 2019

St Helen's – held on 4th July 2019


The meeting received the notes from the following meetings: Darton East Ward Alliance held on 9th July 2019; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 8th July 2019; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 9th July 2019; and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 4th July 2019.  The following updates were also provided:


Darton East Ward – The ward alliance are now raising funds for Christmas projects. Plans are in place for Christmas trees in four ward areas, with a lights switch-on for Mapplewell planned for the very first time. Events over the summer were very successful.  Unfortunately there has been a spate of equipment being stolen.  A number of applications have been received – for example, for Barnsley Youth Choir – but it is unclear how the local area will benefit from supporting them.


Darton West Ward – Dan Jarvis presented awards for the summer reading challenge on Saturday, with the library full of children who had read 6 books during the holidays.  Thanks were expressed both to library staff and to Dan Jarvis.  The ‘Stars of Darton’ event is being planned for next March.  Sponsorship is being sought for Christmas lights, with a Christmas event planned for Wilthorpe.  All bulbs for planting have been ordered.  The Northern Theatre project held a concert which proved to be worth the investment as it tied in with the young people’s project, with children visibly growing in confidence over the 6 week period.


Old Town – Christmas tree orders have been signed off.  Only two of the live trees from last year have survived.  Some projects are currently awaiting approval.  The Fleets project is the major project in the area.  The website is proving successful and this year’s carnival was very well attended.  A gala for the canal is in planning but this needs more work.  A defibrillator is to be installed inside Quarry View which will be available 24 hours. 


St Helens – Christmas planning is underway but costs have increased from £1000 to £2500 even with hosting events in community buildings.  Three young people have successfully completed an IKIC qualification at the community shop and will be presented with a trophy this Thursday.  A ‘sloppy slippers’ event will be held in the community shop in late September/early October.  Funding has been agreed with Barnsley TIAG to work with 16 to 19 year olds with mental health problems.  Two of the Christmas trees planted last year have died, although the one at the Methodist Chapel and the one at the Community Shop are still living.  A defibrillator is planned for the Roundhouse Medical Centre, these have been fitted at the Darby and Joan club, Darton LIFT building and Thompson’s garage.  There is a new minister at the local church and a new bench has been installed, with a plaque from the Ward Alliance


The Chair reported that South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (SYFRS) are campaigning for water safety as this is an area of under-performance.  SYFRS will install a large notice board with a water throw line and unique identification number which will get straight through to the brigade control centre, fully funded by SYFRS.  Members were asked to identify areas within their Wards which would benefit from this initiative.


The Chair also spoke about the Barnsley Armed Forces Walkway initiative, whereby commemorative stones can be purchased at a cost of £250 per stone for armed forces serving, fallen or retired who have a strong Barnsley connection.  More details can be provided for those interested.


RESOLVED that the notes of the respective Ward Alliances and additional updates be noted.


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