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Procurement and Financial Update (Cen.30.09.2019/4)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item, referring to the priorities of the Area Council and the work recently undertaken to update these.


Members noted that a workshop to consider loneliness and social isolation in adults and older people had been arranged to take place on 10th October, 2019.  Members noted the reliance on volunteers to deliver the current service and the potential of exhausting the potential supply of willing volunteers.  If unable to attend the workshop, Members were encouraged to submit their thoughts on this priority.


Following on from the performance report, Members were reminded that the SLA to provide a service to reduce household fly-tipping would come to an end in November, 2019 but that there was an option to extend this for a further year.  Taking into account the informal positive feedback this was supported by Members.


With regards to the SLA to provide support to new tenants in the private rented sector, this was also due to finish in November, and had the option to extend for a further year.  Further in quarter performance information was supplied, with 342 letters having been distributed and follow up visits due to take place.  It was suggested that much of the preparatory work had been undertaken and therefore that positive results would be seen if the SLA was extended.


Questions were raised about the impact of the service to date, and Members discussed the differences between internal SLAs and contracts delivered externally, with the former being linked to the employment of an officer rather than the procuring of a service.


Members were reminded of the recent task and finish group to consider building emotional resilience in young people.   The group were supportive of procuring a similar service to that currently provided and discussed the age range for any intervention.  Recognising there were differences in opinion, it was suggested that the focus be on ages 8-13.  It was also suggested that once the procurement was well underway, and the learning from the projects funded under the wellbeing fund was forthcoming, the Area Council could consider what provision would be required for the older age group.


A detailed business case was provided, alongside a procurement strategy synopsis, which was supported by Members. However it was suggested  that the age range be extended to 14.


A procurement team was suggested, which included Member representation, and those interested were asked to make representation to the Area Council Manager who would let them know prospective dates.


Members also discussed the finance attributed to such a commission, and after some discussion supported providing an inflationary increase of 2% in years 2 and 3.

The Area Council Manager provided an overview of the current financial situation.  In the current financial year £147,610 remained.  In 2020/21, if Members approved £135,000 for the service to build emotional resilience in children and young people, £378,290 would remain for allocation.  However, if Members were minded to commission a service to address loneliness and isolation in older people this may be significantly reduced



(i)            That the overview of current Central Area Council priorities and the progress made regarding the development of the agreed priorities from 1st April, 2020 be noted;

(ii)          That the overview of all Central Area Council’s current contract extensions and Service Level Agreements with associated timescales be noted;

(iii)         That the Service Level Agreement to provide support to address Household Flytipping be extended for 12 months (19th November 2019 – 18th November, 2020) at a cost of £32,000;

(iv)         That the Service Level Agreement to provide support to New Tenants in Private Sector Housing be extended for 12 months (19th November 2019 – 18th November, 2020) at a cost of £32,500;

(v)          That the Building Emotional Resilience in Children and Young People Task Group reconvenes to consider how they wish to address the issues that have been identified in the age range 14+;

(vi)         That the outline business case and procurement strategy for a new Central Area Council service ‘to build the emotional resilience and wellbeing of children and young people aged 8-14 years living in the Central Council area’ be approved and that the Executive Director, following consultation with the Area Chair Young People’s Task Group, be authorised to complete any necessary paperwork to procure the service and for 3 years (1st April 2020 to 31st March 2023) at a cost of £135,000 in year 1 £137,700 in year 2 and £140,454 in year 3  on a 1 year+ 1 year+ 1 year basis, subject to annual review;

(vii)       That Members interested in taking part in the procurement of the service ‘to build the emotional resilience and wellbeing of children and young people aged 8-14 years living in the Central Council area’ make representation to the Area Council Manager;

(viii)      That the financial position for 2018/19, and the projected expenditure to 2022/2023 be noted.

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