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Petitions received under Standing Order 44 (Cab.21.8.2019/5)


RESOLVED that the report notifying the receipt of the following petitions be noted and the recommended actions for responding to them be endorsed:-


(a)       Containing the signatures of 58 signatories, in respect of concerns regarding parking on St Owen’s Drive and Pogmoor Road, Pogmoor Barnsley.


The Councils Traffic Group will inform the lead petitioner that;


As part of the continued pressure on Highway service budgets; the dedicated budget for completing Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) that could introduce parking restrictions, yellow lines and point closures etc. has been reduced to zero. The only money available for traffic measures is the road safety budget and this is targeted to sites on a priority basis.


The method used to ascertain the priority sites is by using Personal Injury Collision (PIC) data obtained by South Yorkshire Police.


The Council receives an allocation of Integrated Transport funding from the Department for Transport, via the Sheffield City Region, to carry out remedial measures / improvements at locations where there is a history of PIC collisions. 


The Authority has a statutory duty to monitor all PICs and each year officers interrogate the database to determine the list of priority locations which require intervention first. Following this, officers then seek to resolve issues at these locations using the available funding received. 


Thankfully, no PIC collisions have been recorded during the last 10 years on St. Owens Drive or on St. Catherines Way; consequently, this location has not been added to the list of locations requiring intervention.


As a result, it does not meet the criteria for the provision of parking restrictions.


No further action on this matter.


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