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Glassworks Project - Update


The Executive Director Place will submit an update report on the current position with regard to the Glassworks.


Mr D Shepherd (Service Director Regeneration and Property) made a presentation on the current position with regard to the Glassworks Project.


He commented on the following:


·         The progress on the Glassworks project which was now 22 weeks into Phase 2 and which was progressing well.  Arising out of the, he made reference to

o   the due diligence arrangements that were in in place

o   the awarding of contracts to businesses within the area and the benefits to the economic regeneration of the area

o   the majority of the phase 2 groundworks were now complete and no issues had been identified

·         The successful opening of the Library@thelightbox which had seen over 5,000 visitors on the first day.  He also outlined the range of services and facilities that were available and made reference to the successful liaison/partnership arrangements with other businesses and initiatives and particularly the joint working arrangements with the Falco Lounge, Barnsley College and Community Learning Services

·         The current leasing arrangements in place and planned.  Reference was made to the businesses it was proposed would be locating into the Glassworks some hopefully before Christmas.  It was the intention that the Town Centre be brought back into use at the earliest opportunity

·         The development of the Market Kitchen which was hoped would be open by September/October

·         The alignment/co-location of the Police, Council Enforcement Staff and Barnsley CCTV services within the Glassworks management suite

·         The development of the leisure offer

·         The continued development of the car parking strategy a report on which was progressing through Cabinet


In the ensuing discussion the following matters were highlighted:


·         It was noted that the financial projections were currently on track although there could be fluctuations which was to be expected due to the challenging retail sector.  This was kept under review and future reports would update on progress

·         Work was continuing with Queensbury leasing agency and there was a discussion of the Leasing Strategy.  The strategy would be carefully monitored as the project developed.  It was important to ensure that the Glassworks had the correct mix of tenants as this could influence whether or not other businesses chose to locate there

·         The Service Director commented that the rest of the Town Centre ‘offer’ was kept under review particularly in view of the impact that the development of the Glassworks could have.  Indeed a report had been submitted to the Barnsley Economic Partnership this morning.  Reference was made to recent developments and to the discussions that had taken place with the owner of the Parkway Cinema who was to develop a unique cinema offer.  Consideration was also being made to the submission of an application to the Historic High Street Fund which would focus on the cinema side of Eldon Street and the Civic

·         Arising out of questioning, the Service Director gave the Committee details of the anchor tenants who had agreed to locate to the Glassworks

·         Information was provided about the Marketing Strategy being undertaken and planned.  This strategy involved external agencies as well as the Council’s own marketing team and would include a television campaign at the appropriate time


RESOLVED  that the report be received and the Service Director Regeneration and Property be thanked for his presentation.

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