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Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.03.10.2019/6)


The Area Council Manager reminded Members of the presentation by Age UK at the last meeting of the Area Council, which highlighted progress being made in all three areas funded by the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People’s Grant Fund.   At that meeting consensus was that the impact of the investment was only just being seen and that the projects ought to continue.  Therefore Members pledged a further £70,000 in order to extend all three of the services for a further year.


Members were reminded of how the Working Together Fund was established and the projects funded to date.  At the time of the report being published £64,596 remained for allocation; however it was noted that two applications had been received and if these were fully funded £51,822 would remain. 


Members noted that the contract with Twiggs Grounds Maintenance had been extended to finish 31st March, 2020, and arrangements were underway to procure a similar Clean, Green and Tidy Service from April 2020 onwards.


Those present noted that £7,016.09 remained for allocation in the Ward Alliance Fund, with approximately 6 months left in the financial year.  Based on current levels of demand, it was suggested that further finance be devolved from the Area Council.


Members acknowledged the coverage in Penistone Living of the Area Council.  Feedback had been positive, with it being professionally produced and reaching a wide target audience.  It was suggested that the next meeting of the Area Council discusses which future edition should feature further information, noting the need to avoid purdah.


The Area Council Manager provided an overview of the current financial situation of the Area Council and it was noted that £57,495 remained in the current financial year, though if reccomendations were to be approved this would reduce to £29,995.


Also noted was the income from Public Health of £3,280 which had been allocated to the projects supporting isolated and vulnerable older people.


Members discussed work undertaken in other Area Councils which sought to address emotional wellbeing and mental health issues in young people, and the Area Council Manager agreed to gather further information on these.


(i)            That the update on procurement activity be received;

(ii)          That the update and progress of contracts funded by the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated and Older People Grant fund be noted;

(iii)         That the Executive Director Communities be authorised to complete any necessary paperwork in order to extend each of the services delivered through the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People Grant Fund at a total cost of £70,000 from 17th January, 2020 to 16th January, 2021;

(iv)         That the update and financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be noted;

(v)          That the update on the Clean and Tidy Contract delivered by Twiggs Grounds Maintenance be noted;

(vi)         That £10,000 (£5,000 per ward) be allocated to the Penistone Ward Alliance Funds to be allocated through previous agreed procedures;

(vii)       That the Area Council Manager gathers information on the interventions by other Area Councils to address emotional wellbeing and mental health issues in young people;

(viii)      That the financial position for the 2019/20 be noted.

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