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Interim Performance Report (Pac.03.10.2019/5)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item making Members aware that statistical performance information related only to quarter 1.  A full performance report containing quarter 2 performance information would be considered at the December meeting of the Area Council.


The report included a narrative relating to the performance of every service funded through the Area Council.


Twiggs Grounds Maintenance had been working all around the Penistone Area.  A new link had been formed with residents in High Hoyland and also in Hoylandswaine. 


Members noted the support given to a new Silkstone Common Recreation Group during the summer and also to help Age UK to established Men in Sheds in Penistone.


Acknowledged was the support provided to Team Green Moor during Britain in Bloom, the bench renovation programme throughout the area, and the positive work around the Wentworth Business Park area.


Members heard of the work of the Twiggs team to drive forward Incredible Edible in the area, including securing finance to create a bed around the noticeboard detailing the incredible edible sites.   Most recently the Girl Guides had expressed an interest in establishing more edible beds in the church yard.


Those present also noted that the apprentice employed by Twiggs had successfully completed year 1 of his apprenticeship, and also that the team had taken a different approach within the quarter, advertising action days to stimulate volunteering.  This approach would be monitored carefully.


In relation to the three contracts held by Age UK, members heard that all continued to make good progress.  A successful recruitment evening had been held at the White Heart pub, with existing volunteers highlighting why they gave their time. The event resulted in interest from around 10 people in becoming a volunteer.


The Men In Sheds project was launched on 20th September, with 15 men attending.  The first project for the group would be building a disabled access ramp.


Some of the work of Age UK included supporting groups, including the Healthy Life, Healthy Mind group in Tankersley, the Wortley Social Group and tea and chat at Weaver’s Court.


Members noted the feature in Penistone Living, and the increased visibility in general of the services delivered in the area.


The SOPPA network was working well, having representation from a number of different organisations.  Members heard that there were plans to replicate a forthcoming ‘Love later life’ event in Penistone in late November.  Also noted were plans to develop ‘Age Friendly Penistone’ as part of wider Age Friendly developments in Barnsley.  Consultation had started, and it was hoped that the findings could be used to influence change, though some of these had already been taken into account as part of the Principal Towns programme in Penistone.  It was noted that any learning could be utilised by other Principal Towns in the borough. Those present also heard of a Winter Warmth event planned on 30th October, 2019.


Members heard that the contract with DIAL continued to be delivered successfully, even though the main advisor had been unavailable.  Anecdotally numbers had thought to be lower than previously during the summer though the project still had a significant impact on those in receipt of advice.


Penistone Young Voices had finished on 30th September, with a final report to be considered at the Area Council meeting in December.   Though the project had only had a small number of people participating, those taking part had received a wealth of experience.


Members noted plans to hold a youth summit, which would include young people involved in Penistone FM.  Penistone Grammar School had offered to hold the summit.


The service provided by CAB had been used throughout the summer, but numbers accessing were not as high as those seen previously.  Members noted that the pilot had now finished, and there had been around £23,000 additional benefit gained in total.  An application had been submitted to the Working Together Fund to extend this.


Members considered the performance of South Pennine Community Transport, which continued to be well used.  Members praised the addition of route 25a which assisted the communities of Crowedge and Dunford.


Those present heard that the Barnsley Transport Strategy was being consulted on, and it was suggested that Members encouraged people to respond.  In addition, it was suggested that responses were also encouraged on the Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy which was also out to consultation.  The position of Penistone near the Sheffield border and issues with cross border travel were noted.


Whilst Barnsley Transport Strategy emphasised the use of active travel and public transport, Members discussed the need for appropriate community transport solutions in rural areas.


Members also discussed the Barnsley Bus Partnership, with Cllr Lamb being lead member.  It appeared some meetings were open to all Members to comment directly, but Members were encouraged to forward any queries or comments on buses to Cllr Lamb for this to be considered by the bus partnership. 


Members noted Penistone’s unique position in relation to the Transpennine Trail and on the rail network.  Though rail travel use appeared to be diminishing, Members support the notion that an increase in investment to improve stock and the frequency of trains could have a significant impact on usage, and corresponding positive impacts such as the reduction of emissions when compared to car use.


RESOLVED that the report be received.

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