Agenda item

Report on the Use of Ward Alliance Funds (Dac.30.09.2019/7)


The Dearne Area Council Manager introduced this item and provided Members with a breakdown of spend to date for the Wards of Dearne North and Dearne South from Ward Alliance funds. 


It was reported that Dearne South Ward Alliance was expecting an application for work to the Renaissance Centre as the premises now needs a buildings survey and four new PCs as security on the current system runs out this year and these are essential items.  The building is currently used by the music team, for craft sessions and for Zumba but that there is a ned to encourage use by other groups. 


Members were reminded of the need to bring forward projects which will support the Dearne Area Council outcomes and identified priorities.  It appears that some groups are reluctant to apply for funding due to concerns about the application process but help and support is always available.


RESOLVED that the Dearne Area Council received the Ward Alliance Fund report and notes the spend to date for the Wards of Dearne North and Dearne South.

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