Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.01.08.2019/6)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, and reference was made to the projects currently being run by Age UK.  It was noted that these would finish in December, 2019.  Members discussed their progress, and consensus was that the projects had only recently become established, with many elements only just coming to fruition.  It was felt remiss to cut their delivery short, and it was suggested that the Area Council Manager investigates options to extend this work.


With reference to the Working Together Fund, Members noted that £14,596 remained in the budget. At a workshop of Area Council Members, a suggestion had been made to allocate a further £50,000 to this budget and promote the Fund more widely, inviting applications with a view to delivering against priority areas which may have been underrepresented.


It was acknowledged that the Clean Green and Tidy contract had been extended to finish at the end of the financial year, but Members had previously indicated their desire to see a similar service be recommissioned.  Approval was given to take this forward, with slight amendments to the service specification at a similar cost to the current service.


Members noted that consultation to inform the priorities of the Area Council was now open, and village locations were being sought where the material could be displayed.


In relation to the Community Magazine, the first edition would be as part of the August edition of Penistone Living and would feature Team Greenmoor, Penistone Armed Forces Group, and the work of Age UK. It would also promote the consultation on Area Council Priorities.


A brief overview of the current financial situation was given. Taking into account the £50,000 allocated to the Working Together Fund, £57,495 remained to allocate in the current financial year.



(i)            That the updates provided be noted;

(ii)          That £50,000 be allocated to the Working Together Fund to be distributed using processes previously agreed;

(iii)         That the Executive Director, Communities, in liaison with the working group, be authorised to approve a service specification and associated materials in order to procure a Clean, Green and Tidy Service at a cost of up to £98,007 per annum for a period of 1 year (1st April, 2020 – 31st March, 2021), with an option to extend for a further year subject to satisfactory performance, the need for the service, and the availability of finance.

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