Agenda item

Proposal to Commission Private Sector Housing & Environmental Support


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, reminding Members that in February 2017 the North Area Council agreed to fund a Private Sector Housing and Enforcement Officer and giving additional background information.  An Officer was recruited on 22nd January 2018 on a fixed term 12 month contract, which was then extended until January 2020.  However, the Officer handed their notice in on 3rd June 2019 due to securing a permanent post within BMBC.  Members praised the work of the current Officer, who had made an enormous impact in the Area.  There were some concerns about how the work would be managed during the transition period and it was felt that the post should be recruited to as quickly as possible.


Members discussed the options available to continue with this commissioning commitment.  It was pointed out the Dearne Area Council is also recruiting to a similar post and it may be possible to run this recruitment exercise at the same time.  If there is a suitable candidate once the Dearne post has been recruited to, there may be an option to recruit from this pool for a period of 3 months. 


The Area Council outlined the options within the report.  The new post will be advertised as a Housing Support Officer.


A discussion took place regarding the two vacant Youth Participation Officer posts.  This will be discussed in more detail following the very successful workshop held earlier in the week, which provided some very useful insights which will require further exploration. 




(i)            Zoe be thanked for her hard work and dedication to the role, which has made an enormous impact across the wards of the North Area Council.


(ii)          Members agree to an extension of the funding for the role of Private Sector Housing and Environment Officer within the North Area for at least 24 months (12 month contract plus 12 months). 

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