Agenda item

Upgrade of the Metrodome Leisure Centre's Heating and Air Handling Units (Cab.24.7.2019/13)




(i)        that the contents of the report regarding upgrading the Metrodome Leisure Centre’s heating and air handling units be noted;


(ii)       that approval be given to the contract with Ameresco UK in respect of the replacement Gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Air Handling Units (AHU) to the Metrodome Leisure Centre;


(iii)      that approval be given to Barnsley MBC and Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) entering into an energy supply agreement;


(iv)      that authorisation be given to the execution of the project documents and any other ancillary document to which the Council is a party for the purposes set out in the report submitted; and


(v)       that the Council’s additional capital costs and commercial modelling be approved.