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Notes and feedback from the Ward Alliances (Cen.01.07.2019/4)

Central – held on 22nd May, 2019

Dodworth – held on 21st May, 2019

Kingstone – held on 5th June, 2019

Stairfoot – held on 10th June, 2019

Worsbrough – held on 25th April, and 6th June, 2019



The meeting received the notes of the meetings of the Ward Alliances within the Central Area held in April, May and June, 2019.


Councillor Dyson provided feedback from the Central Ward Alliance, making Members aware of a new group in the Harborough Hills area, which had held several community events including those for families and also held community clean ups.  A new group around Hopwood Street had also been established, and had held two family focused events.  Also noted was the intergenerational work with primary age children attending the dementia carers group.


Members heard of the work in several neighbourhoods to raise awareness and improve relationships with the Ward Alliance, and this would also help to address any gaps in Ward Alliance membership.


An update on the work in Dodworth was given by Councillor Wright, who highlighted the development of the High Street Delivery Group and their annual, highly successful, Christmas event.


Members heard of the development of Incredible Edible in Gilroyd, working with Berneslai Homes.  Also noted was the work to improve engagement throughout the ward, encouraging networking and reaching out to community groups, promoting the Ward Alliance. 


Also noted was Dodworth Village Fete where, amongst other things, consultation on the Principal Towns project would take place.


Councillor Williams updated Members on the work of Kingstone Ward Alliance, which had recently welcomed one new member, and had received a further application to take part.


Members noted the three working groups focused around planning for another health day, activities for younger people and the Christmas event. 

It was noted that the parent and toddler group at St George’s Church had around 50 members, with parents receiving support to cook on a budget.  From this a further group supporting those with twins was looking to become established.


Members also heard of a group at St Luke’s Church supporting stroke victims and their families.


Those present heard of the community clean up events in the area, with significant numbers of volunteers taking part, and this stimulating further action from residents.


The Chair made Members aware of recent achievements in the Stairfoot Ward including the advice provision by DIAL which had now been extended to cover all of Central Area. Members also heard of sloppy slippers events, the work of Field Lane Crafters, and the success of Stairfoot Socials.


Proactive work had been undertaken to engage the public, including the development of a Facebook page, which had received a substantial number of hits.


Members noted the significant clean-up work, including as part of the Great British Clean up.  Also noted were the well attended events such as the Work, Rest and Play event, the Spring event in Aldham and Friends of Stairfoot Family Fun day.


Noted also was the work of the Ardsley Events Group, Stairfoot Station Group, Bank Street Ladies, and Stairfoot Ward Alliance Team (SWAT).


Members were made aware of the work with young people including Junior Wardens at Oakhill Primary, which would also start shortly at Forest Academy.


Work with Barnsley Academy continued, following a successful intergenerational event last year called ‘Waltzing in a Winter Wonderland’


Councillor Gillis noted that the TARA in the area had ceased and thanks were given to those involved who had dedicated their time and efforts.


Councillor Clarke updated Members on the work within Worbrough.  A new group, Bank End Friends, had been established, and was now generating their own funds.  The group arranged events in the school holidays, providing meals for children.


Members heard how many volunteers had undertaken training for first aid and food hygiene.  It was noted that a Men in Sheds project had been supported and would take place at Worsborough Dale Park Pavillion.


Those present heard of plans to promote and raise awareness of the Ward Alliance and Area Council, which was hoped would lead to further funding bids.


Noted was the work to hold an intergenerational event at the Family Centre, which would also involve those with learning difficulties.  In addition Members heard of those involved in keeping the area clean and tidy, including on the Trans-Pennine Trail and on the main routes in to Barnsley.


However, Members were made aware that the after school club at Worsbrough Library had closed after 7 years and thanks were given to those involved in it. 


The Chair suggested that a networking event for all Ward Alliances be organised where all Ward Alliances throughout the area could share information, skills and experience.



(i)            That the notes and feedback from the Ward Alliances be received;

(ii)          That a networking event for all Ward Alliances in the Central Area be organised.

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