Agenda item

Corporate Plan Performance Report - Quarter 4 January to March 2019 and 2018/19 (Cab.24.6.2019/6)




(i)        that the Corporate Plan Performance Report for Quarter 4 (January to March 2019) and the 2018/19 Year-End, as detailed in the report now submitted, be noted;


(ii)       that it be noted that there are no suggested areas for improvement or achievement for follow-up at the end of Quarter 4.  Initiatives are already in progress to address areas of concern;


(iii)      that the inclusion of the Stronger Communities quarterly narrative report which details the contribution of Area Councils and Ward Alliances to the Corporate Plan priorities and outcomes be noted; and


(iv)      that the report be shared with the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to inform and support their ongoing work programme.



Supporting documents: