Agenda item

Organisation of South Area Council Meetings (Sac.14.06.2019/9)


The Chair led a discussion on the organisation of South Area Council meetings.  It was noted that venues in Hoyland and Wombwell had been used for the meeting, but that this sometimes led to confusion.  In addition, recent changes meant that the meeting room in Wombwell was unavailable at the currently scheduled time.


Members discussed the day the meeting was held and the time, and it was generally felt that meeting on a Friday at 10.00am was well established, and avoided clashes with other engagements in the Council diary.


With regards to venue, the merits of meeting in the South Area were considered, together with positive and negative impacts of meeting at a variety of venues. 


Following discussion Members agreed to hold meetings at a single venue, at it was agreed that this be Barnsley Town Hall.


RESOLVED that future meetings of South Area Council are held on the dates and at the times previously entered into the Council diary, and are held in Barnsley Town Hall.

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