Agenda item

District Enforcement - Parking (Sac.14.06.2019/4)


Paul, Jane and Sarah from District Enforcement were welcomed to the meeting.


Members heard how the organisation had been formed in 2018, and currently held 6 contracts in the UK, one of which was to deliver parking enforcement in the South Area.  The contract had started on 1st April, 2019 and concentrated on Hoyland and Wombwell town centres, with one officer employed 18.5 hours.  To date 77 parking tickets had been issued, with the majority being issued in Wombwell.


Members noted the differences in road markings within the area, and that normal double yellow lines in Hoyland had a waiting period of five minutes, and therefore many people would park for less than this.  However, the deterrent effect due to the visibility of officers was acknowledged by Members.


Those present discussed the issues with parking in the area, including around many schools, and parking near to pedestrian crossings.  It was noted that there had been complaints from residents with regards to the parking in Darfield and it was suggested that officers from District meet with Members from each Ward to discuss any issues and hotspots within their Ward.


Dog fouling and littering was discussed, and it was noted that District would issue notice for any violation seen, but this would not be the main focus of the contract.  Members discussed what provision was available for enforcement from council resources centrally, for parking, dog fouling and for littering.  It was agreed that the Area Manager would see clarification on this issue.

Members also noted the work of the Tidy Team, which would have an educational focus to make residents aware of the issues associated with littering and dog fouling.



(i)            That thanks be given for the officers for their attendance;

(ii)          That Ward briefings be arranged to discuss parking issues within each Ward with District Enforcement officers;

(iii)             That the Area Council Manager seeks clarity on the enforcement service to be provided by the Council from central resources.