Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Sac.14.06.2019/8)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager. Those present were reminded of the previous discussion regarding the recruitment of a Private Sector Enforcement Officer.  The candidate had requested to work 30 hours per week, rather than 37.  Members discussed the options in relation to the underspend that would result from the reduction in hours and it was suggested that this be utilised to extend the length of the contract.


An update was provided in relation to the Health and Wellbeing Fund, with a recent grant panel having been convened.  10 applications had been received with four recommended for approval.  Members noted that those recommended would provide delivery across the area.


Those present heard of plans to re-advertise the fund and Members agreed to encourage groups to apply to the fund.


Members noted that the commission to tackle social isolation had recently been advertised on Yortender.  Interest to date had been positive and it was noted that submissions would be evaluated on 16th July.  Two Members were requested to take part in the tender evaluation panel.



(i)            That the update on all procurement activity be noted;

(ii)          That Councillors Daniel Griffin and Saunders be nominated to take part in the Tackling Social Isolation tender evaluation panel;

(iii)         That the underspend associated with the post of Private Sector Housing Officer being reduced from 37 to 30 hours per week be ring-fenced to extend the term of the post subject to satisfactory performance and a continued need for the service.

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