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Procurement and Financial Update (Cen.03.06.2019/4)


The Area Council Manager introduced the report reminding Members of the previous discussions to consider the priorities of the Area Council. Workshops had been to discuss these in more detail and plan for delivery post March 2020.


For the workshops, the Area Council Manager had been in discussions to ascertain current delivery, which would inform discussion about future provision in the area at each workshop.  It was noted that the outcome of each workshop would be reported in to the Area Council.


An update was provided in relation to the Peri-natal Home Visiting Service, and, following a Barnsley focused recruitment campaign, two workers were now in post. It was noted that the workers will be home-based but will be using community venues in their delivery.  It was acknowledged that, although the service had just launched, 14 volunteers had expressed an interest in assisting the service.


Members noted the positive links to the Community Midwife and 0-19 service for referrals, but Members acknowledged that they could also provide referrals if they were aware of relevant residents.


It was suggested that Family Lives attend a future meeting of the Area Council to provide an overview of the service and its impact.


An update was provided about the contract with District Enforcement providing Environmental Enforcement.  A positive contract inception meeting had been held. Members were provided information about the shift patterns of officers, which included working evenings and weekends at times.


Members were provided an update in relation to the Central Area Wellbeing Fund.  Following the launch workshop 14 applications had been received, with 11 organisations invited to give a presentation before the grant panel.  Members noted that seven organisations were successful, and letters to confirm grant agreements had been distributed. 


Members were reminded of the issues with management of the contract with RVS, with performance rated as ‘red’ and ‘amber’ in a number of areas. Members noted that in April the contract manager left and following his departure and a full audit of files was undertaken which revealed a number of anomalies in recording and therefore reporting.  The revised figures circulated showed only figures which could be fully evidenced.


Members noted that the number of home visitors was in excess of the target, but the number of new referrals was significantly below target.  As a result RVS had agreed to put a raft of measures in place to ensure issues seen were note repeated, and that underperformance was addressed.


In addition, RVS agreed to underwrite costs of delivery from April 2019 to the end of March, 2020.  This amounted to a total saving of £100,000.


Members discussed the options available, which included potentially re-evaluating the service and re-contracting.  Members were satisfied with the offer from RVS, and believed that the measures put in place would remedy the issues.  Also acknowledged was the continuity this would provide to users of the service.  Assurances had also been given that the steering group would be revitalised, and Members noted that lessons learned would be taken forward in all future contracts.


The Area Council Manager made Members aware that £41,532 remained for allocation in 2019/20.  However, if Members approved the proposal from RVS, this would leave £141,532 to allocate.



(i)            That the overview of the current priorities and the scheduled dates for priority workshops be noted;

(ii)          That the overview of all current contracts and service level agreements be noted;

(iii)         That Family Lives be invited to a future meeting of the Area Council to provide an overview of the service and its impact;

(iv)         That the update in relation to the Central Area Well-being Fund be noted;

(v)          That RVS continues to deliver the service to reduced loneliness and isolation in adults and older people, as outlined in the report, from 1st June, 2019-31st March, 2020 with all costs associated with the delivery underwritten by RVS, in addition to costs from 1st April – 31st May, 2019 also being underwritten by RVS;

(vi)         That the financial position for 2018/19 and projected expenditure for 2021 to 2023 be noted.

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