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Performance Report Q1 (Dac.29.07.2019/3)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, focusing on feedback on performance from the first quarter of 2019/20.


In general performance was positive; however Members noted that the Housing and Migration Officer post remained vacant.   The first attempt to recruit had been fruitless, however more recently advertising the post had led to 10 applicants responding.  It was noted that shortlisting would be taking place shortly and Members would be informed of the outcome.  It was acknowledged that the post was only ever for a maximum of one year and therefore this may reduce the number of interested parties, but it was imperative to ensure there was an officer with the correct skills for the post.


Members discussed the impact of the post being vacant with issues seen on Coop Street, Victoria Street, Poplar Avenue and Wellington Street.


With regards to the contract held by DECV, within the quarter 28 learners had been enrolled and seven had gained employment.  20 had received qualifications and 20 had gone on to further education.  There had been a rise in the numbers being referred who had complex issues and needed intensive support for them to re-enter the labour market.


Over the quarter Twiggs Grounds Maintenance had arranged 30 social action events, supported 22 groups, engaged 100 volunteers and 9 businesses, and delivered 15 impact sessions to groups and schools.


Twiggs had assisted the very successful days held on the embankment project with 243 young people each gaining 5 AQA awards.


Members heard that referrals to B:Friend were still low, and a number of the referrals were inappropriate for those with complex needs such as dementia.  However, the social groups were thriving across the area.  Within the quarter there had been 12 requests for service, 16 pairings with volunteer befrienders, 24 volunteers engaged, and 7 referrals to existing groups.   Members noted the significant social return on investment provided by the project.


An update on the progress made by those projects funded through the Dearne Development Fund was given.


The DIAL drop in had achieved a benefit gain of £84,141 within the quarter, with £17.98 brought in for every £1 invested.  The service remained busy and in high demand, and it was agreed that this would be carefully monitored going forward.


CAB had exceeded targets set, with 169 client contacts within the quarter, enabling £241,975 of benefits to be gained.   Members discussed the potential crossover with the service provided by DIAL, however it was noted that both produced excellent results and were in demand.


Goldthorpe Development Group continued to meet monthly, engaging a wide range of partners, including such as the Community Health Team.  The number of attendees ranged from 70-90 each month, with young people from the choir at Astrea Academy Dearne now performing each month in addition to chatting and supporting the attendees.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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