Agenda item

Commissioning, Project Development and Finance Update


The Area Council Manager introduced this item and provided Members with an updated financial position and forecast for expenditure, based on the projects that have been proposed, together with an outline of annual commitments and the current financial position. 


It was highlighted that at the last meeting the Anti-Poverty Community Outreach Project and Clean and Green service were extended.  In March 2020 the Area Council will need to agree if they wish to continue to fund this type of service provision and advertise the tender opportunity.


The Housing Migration Officer is on a fixed term contract which has been extended until Jan 2020, when a decision will need to be taken about future provision.  One of the Youth Participation Worker posts is currently vacant and is in the process of being readvertised.  Members expressed their thanks to Zoe Wardle, Youth Participation Worker, for the fantastic job she is doing across the Wards of the North Area Council.


The production of the North Area community magazine is currently being reviewed but it is unlikely that a Summer 2019 edition will be produced.


The Area Council Manager explained for the benefit of new members that an enforcement project had generated £112,294 in FPN income since 2014 but had since ceased as the expected behaviour change had not materialised. 




(i)            Zoe Wardle be thanked for the work she has been doing in her role as Youth Participation Worker;


(ii)          The North Area Council note the existing budget position and forecast for funding commitments together with the current financial position.

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