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Community Newsletter (Dac.13.05.2019/6)


Members were reminded of discussions on the subject, including the dissatisfaction with the previous supplier.  At the previous meeting Members had requested that the Area Council Manager consider costs for the production of a community newsletter in house, and the subsequent distribution. In addition the views of the community were also asked to be sought.


A smart survey had been undertaken, to which 41 people replied.  20 of these had responded that they had not received the previous edition, an issue which the Area Team was aware of.  Of those that had received the previous edition feedback was positive, with suggestions made that there ought to be more information regarding the services in the Area, including their location.


The Area Council Manager made Members aware that the production of a 12 page newsletter, without advertisments, would cost £1,542 to produce and £638 to deliver using a local company.  It was noted that the latter could be reduced if it was able to be combined with another delivery.


It was noted that just over £3,000 had been allocated to this previously and the proposal would cost £2,180 altogether. 

It was noted that funds allocated would only enable the production of one, rather than two, issues for the year, but the corresponding reduction of workload for the staff putting the publication together was also acknowledged.


Members discussed the timing of the production and distribution and it was suggested that the newsletter be finalised in late spring/early summer, but feature information on events into the distant future, where possible.


RESOLVED:- That finance previously allocated for the external production and distribution of a community newsletter be used for a production in-house and the associated local distribution.

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