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Enforcement Update


The Service Director Legal Services will submit a report providing an overview of the work Licensing Enforcement Officers have undertaken to date.


The Service Director Legal Services provided an overview of the work of Licensing Enforcement Officers undertaken recently in relation to the Licensing Act 2003.


(a)     Premises Licence Inspection


          Since January 2019 Licensing Officers have inspected 30 licensed premises throughout the Borough to ensure that there was appropriate compliance with the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of their premises license and any conditions attached to the licence. 


          Of the 30 premises inspected, 4 were found to have insufficient documentation including refusals logs and designated premises licence holder authorisations.  Officers are continually working with them to ensure compliance going forward and it was noted that all the documentation was now complete and the 4 premises are compliant. 


(b)     Scrap Metal


          Licensing Officers had received notification relating to 2 unlicensed scrap metal collectors in the Borough.  Officers have made contact with the collectors and work was currently ongoing to obtain licences to carry out their work legitimately. 


          Members were informed of a joint venture between Licensing Officers, Safer Neighbourhoods Team and South Yorkshire Police for a future enforcement operation to target vehicles and scrap metal sites.  The joint operation would bring Services together with all their differing powers and enable Officers to stop collectors on the road and check for compliance under the relevant legislation.  Members were to be informed of the date of this operation in the future. 


          There was a discussion regarding scrap metal vehicles around the Borough that looked unsafe or showing no markings indicating that they were legitimate carriers.  The Licensing Officer informed members that if they could report as much information as possible such as registration numbers, and if the vehicle was seen in the same area and at the same time on a regular basis etc in order to target resources and carry out investigations accordingly.  Members were also informed that whilst it was a legal requirement for the permit to be contained within the vehicle, it is not mandatory for it to be displayed anywhere on the outside of the vehicle.  The Board noted, and discussed in detail, the difficulties associated with enforcement in relation to unlicensed illegal scrap metal merchants.  As soon as word gets out that an enforcement operation was in progress illegal operators disappear from the roads, Officers are hoping to have a ‘mobile check’ for the next enforcement operation with SY Police and Safer Neighbourhoods Team.  All members were invited to attend the visits once the dates have been confirmed.


          RESOLVED :


          (ii)          that the Board place on record their thanks and appreciation to the staff within the Licensing Service for all their hard work in undertaking enforcement activities and ensuring the continued safety of the public and for the outstanding results achieved. 


          (ii)          that update reports on all enforcement activity continue to be submitted to the Regulatory Board on a regular basis.


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