Agenda item

Humankind (Dac.13.05.2019/4)


Sam Higgins from Humankind was welcomed to the meeting.  Members were made aware that from the statistics relating to those engaged across Barnsley, around a third of the 293 caseload was from the Dearne area.  However, it was recognised that some residents used town centre services.


Following some restructuring, additional recovery navigator posts had been created which would provide additional capacity in the area for one-to-one key working.  Four clinics were also run, alongside a number of support groups.  Members noted the success of the group run to assist people to prepare for Christmas, noting this was a difficult time for many, often with additional pressures.


The meeting heard of the recent CQC inspection, which had been positive and a good rating was received. Only a small minor number of areas of improvement had been suggested.


Members heard of the work to increase the uptake of those accessing treatment for Hepatitis C and noted the significant success of this due to the synchronisation of appointments.


Those present heard that COPD had recently emerged as a priority, with training planned to raise awareness in the hope that this would be built into care plans.  Members were reminded of the integrated care work being undertaken in the area, and that COPD had been highlighted as a priority.


It was noted that last year there were 225 new treatment starts from the Dearne area with 212 exits. It was noted that exists were not always successful, but the success rate was over 50%.


Members noted that Humankind had been successful in gaining a contract to deliver support for those with low level mental health.  This was felt positive, as often issues with mental health and substance misuse were linked.


RESOLVED that the report be noted and thanks be given for attendance, and the positive work undertaken by Humankind in the area.