Agenda item

Dearne Area Council Financial Update (Dac.13.05.2019/5)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item, noting that with finance carried forward from 2017/18 led to a starting balance of £208,467.96 for the Area Council for the year 2018/19.


It was noted that the Area Council had funded an Environmental Enforcement Service, Private Sector Housing Officer Post, an Environment, Education and Volunteering Service, and had also allocated £65,000 to the Dearne Development Fund.  Members had also chosen to allocate £4,000 match funding to fund a Social Isolation Project.  When income from Fixed Penalty Notices was taken into account, this amounted to £15,770.20 to be carried forward into 2019/20.


From an opening balance of £215,770.20, Members noted that £212,597.76 had already been allocated, leaving £3,172.44 to allocate on Dearne Area Priorities.  Members noted that this could slightly increase due to potential underspends on the Community Newsletter and Housing and Migration Officer post.


The attention of Members was drawn to the Dearne Development Fund.  From the finance allocated £9,572.10 had been carried forward to the 2019/20 financial year.  In addition, £19,018.78 had been received from healthier communities, which led to an opening balance for 2019/20 of £88,590.88.


In the 2019/20 financial year a single project, TADS, had been approved and therefore £73,646.15 remained within the budget.


Members commented on the hard work of the team in ensuring a wide range of delivery to respond to the priorities of the area, and the value for money of the Dearne Development Fund was stressed.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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