Agenda item

Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) Task and Finish Group (TFG) Reports 2018/19

To consider a report of the Executive Director Core Services (Item 5a attached) in respect of the TFG reports on: Social Housing (Item 5b attached); Substance Misuse (Item 5c attached); and Adult Mental Health Crisis Care (Item 5d attached).



The Chair introduced this item, explaining that the reports presented to the Committee summarise the investigations undertaken into:


·         Social Housing - led by Cllr Gail Charlesworth;

·         Substance Misuse - led by Cllr Gill Carr; and

·         Adult Mental Health Crisis Care - led by Cllr Paul Hand-Davis.

It was highlighted that the reports are a culmination of good work undertaken by Members, scrutiny co-optees, officers, service users and partnership agencies which have resulted in each group being able to make recommendations to improve services for communities, and have been brought to the Committee to promote the work of the TFGs and increase Members’ awareness of different services in the Borough.  Once approved by the committee, the reports will be submitted to Cabinet.


Social Housing TFG


The Chair highlighted that this TFG had reviewed Social Housing provision in Barnsley, including how challenges of supply and demand are being met; how tenancies and estates are managed by local social housing providers; as well as how the needs of our most vulnerable residents are being met.  The TFG also considered current work, future plans and made a number of recommendations in support of further improvement.


Substance Misuse TFG


Councillor Carr, as Lead TFG Member, introduced this report, highlighting that the TFG had undertaken a review of Substance Misuse in Barnsley, with consideration for both adults and young people in relation to support services, prevention work, community safety and enforcement, highlighting the valuable multi-agency partnership work which takes place to support our most vulnerable citizens. 


Adult Mental Health Crisis Care TFG


Councillor Hand-Davis, as Lead TFG Member, introduced this report, drawing Members’ attention to the key findings and recommendations resulting from the investigation, including understanding the broad spectrum of mental health illness and related services, which led to a specific focus on crisis care.  The group met with a variety of local service providers and commissioners to challenge service provision as well as gain a greater understanding of the complexities involved, not least that incidents often occur out of office hours with the busiest time for mental health calls being in the evening and at weekends.




(i)            Members, co-optees and all those involved in the TFG investigations be thanked for their hard work and contributions;


(ii)          The Committee approves the TFG reports (and recommendations therein) with regard to Social Housing, Substance Misuse and Adult Mental Health Crisis Care, and


(iii)         The individual reports now be submitted to Cabinet.



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