Agenda item

Outcome of Stronger Communities Grants Panel


The Area Council Manager introduced this item and updated Members with regard to the North Area Council Stronger Communities Grant.  Recommended projects include:  YMCA Youthwork (£19,315); Ad Astra – Taking Young People Seriously (£19,730); Darton Cricket Club cricket practice facility (£19,000); Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) Looking Out for Older People (£19,557); Emmanuel Methodist Church Ignite Barnsley (£13,205.67) and Reds in the Community Healthy Lifestyle Programme (£8,551.38).  This bid will also cover some school provision for years 3 – 6.




(i)            Members note the NAC Stronger Communities Grant update;


(ii)          Members note the projects that have been approved for funding and


(iii)         Members agree the performance and monitoring arrangements outlined within the report.



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