Agenda item

Outcome of Health and Wellbeing Workshop


The Area Council Manager introduced this item, apprising Members of the discussions that took place at a recent workshop regarding the potential for a Health and Wellbeing project to be funded by the North Area Council.  Priority areas for a new project were identified as cancer, smoking prevalence and young people.  It was felt that the Area Council must use its resources to produce maximum impact for the community and that any long term investment in a project should deliver sustained behaviour change.  In terms of project characteristics, the ‘coaching’ model model was well respected.  It was felt that ‘five ways to wellbeing’ should be at the centre of a project (Connect, Be Active, Give, Take Notice and Stay Connected) and that building resilience particularly around emotional wellbeing was very important, especially for young people.


It was felt that some of the research information from the ‘Make Your Mark’ Survey may not be representative and that any commissioned project should be developed and owned by young people.  The possibility of running a pilot project in the summer break was discussed, but it was felt that this could prove difficult in terms of commissioning and tight timescales.     




(i)            The health and wellbeing needs of young people be identified as a priority area for future development;


(ii)          Young people should be consulted with as part of the project identification and development, and


(iii)         The Area Manager be tasked with arranging a further workshop on 17th April 2019 to work up a delivery model for the priority, with the support of specialist officers.

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