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Notes from the Area's Ward Alliances

Darton East – held on 8th January and 12th February 2019.

Darton West – held on 14th January and 11th February 2019.

Old Town – held on 4th December 2018 and 5th February 2019.

St Helen's – held on 24th January 2019.


The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 8th January and 12th February 2019; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 14th January and 11th February 2019; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 4th December 2018 and 5th February 2019; and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 24th January 2019.


Darton East – Cllr Spence congratulated volunteers on the amount of litter collected and also explained that the Tour de Yorkshire is passing through the area on 3rd May and a number of related celebratory projects are underway, such as painting bikes with Greenworks.  Local schools are to be involved.  Safety rails are to be erected on Shaw Lane.  Land art will be on display at Wilthorpe, at Darton and on the golf course. 


Darton West – It was reported that the hanging basket sponsorship was proving popular.  ‘Stars of  Darton was held on 15th March, was well attended and very enjoyable.  Cllr Burgess continues to be involved in local history groups.  A third information board detailing the history of local schools is to be erected, then six more to complete the Kexborough and Darton Heritage Trail.  A Barugh group will be set up shortly.  The ‘Visit Darton’ project is ongoing.  Areas which could benefit from investment for the Darton West in Bloom Project are being identified and planting of trees in Darton park is taking place with primary schools.


Old Town – The Bike Store project is currently on hold.  Bulb planting for next year is in hand.  Attempts are being made to speak to Pogmoor residents regarding planting.  Work at Willowbank is out of legal scope.  Information boards giving details of wildlife, flora and fauna etc., have been erected at the Fleets.  Lots of work is ongoing.


St Helens –Planning for the Gala is underway for 23rd July.  The recent Health and Wellbeing Event in the Community Shop was a great success.  A total of 43 pairs of slippers were given out courtesy of the Fire Service.  Lots of stalls were there, including Stop Smoking advice and male and female cancer screening.  It was pointed out the St Helens Ward has the highest prevalence of all age cancers in Barnsley, therefore screening programmes are to be encouraged.  It is likely that the Health and Wellbeing Event will become an Annual Event.   Spring bulbs are to be machine planted across the Ward and hanging baskets will be put up. 


RESOLVED that the notes of the respective Ward Alliances be noted.


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