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Performance Management Report - Commissioned Projects & Grant Summary


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who provided Members with a comprehensive North Area Council Performance Report for the Period October – December 2018 (Quarter 3). 


Contracted Service Providers include CAB and DIAL (Community Outreach Project), Twiggs Grounds Maintenance and DIAL (Social Isolation and Warm Homes).  In addition, the North Area Council funds Housing Migration Officer and Youth Participation Worker posts.  A number of case studies were provided within the report across all priorities.


It was reported that since the DIAL project started in September 2017 the total benefit gain has now reached £3,046,173 and the debt managed stands at £453,156.  This represents value for money, as the North Area receives £25 back from every £1 invested in the project. 




(i)         that Members note the update report



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