Agenda item

Corporate Financial Performance Report - Quarter 3 ending 31st December, 2018 (Cab.6.3.2019/10)




(i)        that the Corporate Financial Performance Report for Quarter 3 ending 31st December, 2018, as set out in the report now submitted, be noted;


(ii)       that the Executive Director Place be requested to review the plans in place within Environment and Transport to ensure a balanced position and sustainable budget in 2019/20 and beyond;


(iii)      that the Executive Director People be requested to bring forward a further report on the specific interventions planned in relation to Special Educational Needs outlining the impacts that these are projected to have on both the outcomes for children and the associated cost profile;


(iv)      that approval be given to the earmarking of £4m of the projected underspend for Special Educational Needs on the basis that this is a known commitment;


(v)       that the anticipated slippage in expenditure/transfer to reserves required to fund known expenditure commitments in 2019/20, as shown in Appendix 2 Column 7 of the report submitted, be noted;


(vi)      that the write off totalling £1.549m of historic debt (£1.423m General Fund/£0.126m HRA) as shown at paragraph 5.11 of the report be approved;


(vii)     that the budget virements detailed at Appendix 1 of the report, be approved; and


(viii)    that the challenging financial environment facing the Council despite the positive Quarter 3 position be noted.

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