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Enforcement Update

The Service Director Legal Services will submit a report providing an overview of the work Licensing Enforcement Officers have undertaken to date.



The Service Director Legal Services submitted a report providing an overview of the work of Licensing Enforcement Officers undertaken recently.


Licensing Enforcement Officers had proactively embarked on one taxi licensing enforcement operation on the 31st January, 2019.  Licensing Enforcement Officers working alongside Vehicle Examiners from the Smithies Lane Depot had taken part in Operation Duxford as part of a Police led operation accompanied by the DVSO and Customs and Exercise within Barnsley Town Centre at which the Chair, Councillor C Wraith MBE, had been in attendance.


In total, 9 licensed private hire vehicles had been inspected 8 of which had been found to be fully compliant.  One vehicle had been found to be not displaying the correct door signs in contravention of Condition 5 of the Licensing Conditions and the driver had been issued with a Written Warning.


In addition, three drivers had received Written Warnings for failing to complete their daily check books.


Whilst it was particularly pleasing to note that 8 out of the 9 vehicles stopped were fully compliant vehicle compliance continued to be an issue and at the forefront of every enforcement operation and with every Vehicle Examiner whilst undertaking vehicle inspections.  Defective vehicles were not acceptable and could not be excused and this, coupled with failing to complete basic vehicle inspection sheets was a continuing concern as not only had the Trade requested this, but it was a valuable tool that ensured the safety of the licensed vehicle. 


Further proactive enforcement operations would continue to be undertaken to ensure that drivers, operators and vehicle proprietors took responsibility for their failures and made appropriate changes as this was key to ensuring the safety of the travelling public.


RESOLVED that the report be noted and the Board place on record its thanks and appreciation to the staff within the Licensing Service and Smithies Lane Depot for all their hard work in undertaking enforcement activities and ensuring the continued safety of the travelling public and for the outstanding results currently being achieved.

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