Agenda item

Notes from the area's Ward Alliances

Darton East – held on 9th October, 13th November and 11th December 2018

Darton West – held on 5th November and 10th December 2018

Old Town – held on 6th November 2018

St Helen's – held on 8th November 2018


The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 9th October, 13th November and 11th December; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 5th November and 10th December; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 6th November and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 8th November.


Darton East – It was reported that the Christmas lights switch on events were very successful.  Planning is now underway for the Tour De Yorkshire events in the summer, as the race will be passing through Mapplewell on Friday 3rd May 2019.  A meeting will take place at Mapplewell Village Hall on 22nd January at 6 o’clock.  It had been suggested that there should be an open forum once a month run by the business community to which a local councillor should be invited.


Darton West – Christmas events had been very successful.  The Darton Stars Awards ceremony will take place on 15th March at Barnsley Town Hall.  There will be a problem with Christmas lights at Barugh Green lights this year as the local business which sponsored them is moving out of the area and will no longer be able to store them safely during the year either.  Members felt that the Council should provide the storage.  The Visit Darton project is doing really well, with funding in place to encourage spending in Darton.   Birthwaite Hill is now being resurfaced. Local history groups, including the Heritage trail, are well supported by the Ward Alliance, and link to the Visit Darton project. 


Old Town – It was reported that the Christmas events had taken place successfully despite the very windy conditions when children were helping to decorate the smaller tree.  The planted trees were very small and Members felt that the decorations may be too big for the trees but larger trees would be more expensive.  It was felt that permanent trees were a better use of public money than trees which were thrown away every year.  Funding for Cresswell Street, Hollingsworth Park is being explored.  A long term project is planned for the Fleets area.  It is hoped that the project will be led by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and involve lots of volunteers to ensure that the area is well maintained for future generations.  Barnsley College and ASDA are also engaged.     


St Helen’s – It was reported that the community bonfire and healthy holidays events across the ward had been very successful.  A ‘sloppy slippers’ health event is planned for February and planning for the gala is underway.  The new Ward Alliance Framework will be taken to the next meeting.  There were four fantastic Christmas events across the ward, including light switch-ons and the memory tree, which were well supported by ward alliance members and local organisations.  The Community church hall was used for one of the events free of charge. 




(i)            Ward Alliance members be thanked for their hard work and volunteering commitment and

(ii)          The notes of the respective Ward Alliances be noted.


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