Agenda item

Dearne Area Council Update on Finance and Commissions (Dac.25.03.2019/6)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the report, reminding Members of the decision in January to commission an Employability Service initially for a year with an option to extend this for two further periods of a year.  The contract was awarded to Dearne Electronic Community Village.


Members noted that from an opening budget of £208,467.96 for 2018/19, £210,579.76 had been allocated, which had led to a slight overspend.  However, this had been offset by income from Fixed Penalty Notices leaving £14,706.20 remaining in the financial year.


This figure would be carried forward to the 2019/20 financial year but taking into account finance already allocated, only £2,108.44 remained for allocation.  Members were also reminded that from April, 2019 onwards the Environmental Enforcement contract ceased and therefore there would be no further income from Fixed Penalty Notices.


Six grants had been approved from the Dearne Development Fund and Members noted that £9,572.10 remained to allocate, which would be carried forward and combined with the allocation made for 2019/20.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


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