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Community Magazine (Pac.14.12.2018/7)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the report, previously circulated.  Members were reminded of the recent procurement exercise for a provider to produce the community magazine for two further issues.  A single provider had tendered for the contract, and subsequently produced the most recent issue.


Members were made aware of the dissatisfaction with the publication, with much officer time taken to improve initial drafts.  Concern was also expressed at the appropriateness of advertisers within the magazine.  Therefore a decision had been made to halt the production of a second issue.


Those present were invited to consider a number of options. These included engaging other providers, purchasing space in other publications, or providing a leaflet tailored to each ward.


Discussion ensued which included consideration about how valued the publication was.  It was suggested that feedback from the wider community be sought through Ward Alliances and, taking this into account, options be considered at a future meeting of the Area Council.



(i)            That each Ward Alliance discusses the Community Magazine and provides feedback on its value;

(ii)               That the meeting of the Area Council in February, 2019 considers options in relation to the production of a Community Magazine in the future

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