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Procurement and Financial Update (Sac.14.12.2018/6)


The report was introduced by the Area Council Manager who made Members aware of the recent interviews undertaken as part of the commissioning of Tidy Team and Parking Enforcement Services.  Preferred providers had been identified, but each exercise was currently in the standstill period and therefore no announcement could be made.


In relation to the procuring of Advice Services, it was noted that the Area Council Manager was working with colleagues from procurement with the intention of advertising the commission around February or March, 2019 and holding interviews with prospective delivery organisations in April.


Members noted the impending announcement regarding a funding bid by to the National Lottery Building Connections Fund by Age UK.  If this was successful then the social inclusion work undertaken in the area would be extended.  As the outcome would be known in the early New Year, it was suggested that the Area Council Manager attends Ward Briefing meetings to discuss issues related to social isolation within each ward.  This information would then be fed back for further discussion at the Area Council in February.


In addition the Area Council Manager suggested that public health information related to the Ward could also be considered at each Ward Briefing. 


Initial ideas to address emerging issues such as holiday hunger and provision for young people were discussed and the priorities from recent consultation undertaken with young people in schools across Barnsley were noted.  It was agreed that the Youth Participation Worker attends the Area Council in February 2019 to discuss this in more detail.


That the current financial position for the Area Council be noted;

(ii) That the updated timescales for the commissioning of the Advice Service be noted;

(iii) That the update regarding the procurement of a Tidy Team and Parking Enforcement Service be noted;

(iv) That the update on Age UK Barnsley Building Connections Fund be noted;

(v) That the Area Council Manager attends Ward Briefings in early 2019 to discuss options to address social isolation and issues such as holiday hunger in the area, with the outcome of these discussions to be considered by the Area Council in February;

(vii) That the Youth Participation Worker be invited to the Area Council meeting in February, 2019 to discuss priorities for young people.

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