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Update on Priorities, Procurement and Finance (Pac.14.02.2019/6)


The Area Council Manager reminded Members of the previous decision to establish a Supporting Isolated Older People Fund to provide services after the contract with Age UK came to an end, with £70,000 being allocated to the fund.


An assessment panel met to consider applications, and had recommended that Age UK be allocated funds to deliver three programmes in the area.  Pre-contract meetings had been held to finalise details, and the impact of these would begin to be seen over the course of the next few months.


Members were reminded of the establishment of the Working Together Fund, and subsequent allocations of finance.  More recently the Working Together Panel had recommended around £17,000 be approved to support the delivery of the Area Council priorities.  The finance would provide of an extension to the Transpennine Trail Station Project, an extension to the Dial Advice Service, a debt advice pilot delivered by CAB and two projects to support young people.  Members noted that £4,428 remained for allocation, but this would increase as difficulties with one of the projects to support young people meant that this would not go ahead.


The meeting discussed the current levels of underspend of Area Council finance, with £18,448 remaining in the 2018/19 budget.  It was suggested that this be transferred to the Working Together Fund budget.


Members discussed the contract with South Pennine Community Transport, which was due to finish at the end of the financial year.  The prevailing opinion was that the service should continue but should look to either provide the same service for less finance, or a wider service for the same amount of finance as it looked towards becoming more self-sufficient.


The Area Council Manager reminded Members that the contract for providing a Clean, Green and Tidy Team was in its second year. To provide a similar service from November, 2019 would require discussion and arrangements to be agreed at the next Area Council meeting in April.


Members considered the outcome of the recent workshop where the Area Council priorities had been reconsidered in light of recent data and information.  It was recommended that the current priorities be endorsed for a further year and more in depth consultation takes place over the next 12 months.


The attention of Members was drawn to the update provided in relation to the production of a community magazine.  It was noted that the production of any further magazines had been halted due to dissatisfaction with the provider.   Members discussed potential options for highlighting the work of the Area Council and Ward Alliance, and consensus was that providing articles in the Penistone Living supplement would reach much of the intended audience, whilst providing relative value for money.


The Area Council Manager gave an update on the current financial situation of the Area Council, and it was noted that, if £18,448 was moved to the Working Together Fund, no finance remained for allocation in 2018/19.



(i)            That the update on procurement activity be noted;

(ii)          That the update and progress for the allocation of the Supporting Isolated and Older People Grant Fund be noted;

(iii)         That the update on the Penistone Working Together Fund be noted and that £18,447.75 from the Area Council budget be transferred to the Working Together Fund be allocated through previously approved mechanisms;

(iv)         That a further application to the Working Together Fund from South Pennine Community Transport be supported, which should focus more on the future sustainability of the service.

(v)          That the update on the Twiggs Clean and Tidy Contract be noted;

(vi)         That the proposed priorities for the Area Council for 2019/20 and the development of a consultation plan to inform the setting of future priorities be approved;

(vii)       That the update on the community magazine be noted, and that the option of purchasing space in Penistone Living Magazine be pursued;

(viii)      That the financial position for the Area Council be noted.

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