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Notes from the Penistone Ward Alliance held on 11th October and 1st November, 2018 (Pac.06.12.2018/3)


The meeting received the notes from the Penistone Ward Alliance held on 11th October, and 1st November, 2018.


Members noted that the Ward Alliance had funded a contribution towards the Care Leavers’ Christmas Dinner, also supported by Tankersley Manor.  Members discussed the wider issue of funding projects from the Ward Alliance Fund not based in the Wards covered, or those delivered borough-wide. It was noted in this instance that there were small numbers of children in care within the two Penistone Wards who would benefit.


Members heard how the Penistone 41 Club had held a very successful lunch club, which was well attended and was hoped would be a recurring event.  Those from many different backgrounds attended and the event was supported by a number of different volunteer groups. 


It was noted that many organisations were thanked on social media, however BMBC had not been mentioned.  Members discussed the need to reference the source of funding, and it was noted that this was a requirement of accepting the grant.


The Chair provided positive feedback from an event organised by Hoylandswaine Arts Group, which had also produced a booklet commemorating the First World War.  In addition it was noted that Penistone Remembers had raised £1,931 with many of the events arranged being oversubscribed.


Members discussed the plans to start a Park Run in Penistone, utilising the show field and parts of the Trans-Pennine Trail (TPT).  A number of issues had been raised by officers in the Public Rights of Way team regarding the multi-use nature of the Trail.  Members heard how there were examples elsewhere in the country where park runs were successfully organised using public rights of way.  It was hoped that, with careful organisation the Park Run could be successful, balancing the needs of all TPT users and having additional benefits such as improving health and encouraging footfall in the town centre.


RESOLVED that the notes from the Penistone Ward Alliance held on 11th October, and 1st November, 2018 be received.

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