Agenda item

Social Prescribing (Dac.21.01.2019/6)


Ms A Goddard gave a presentation outlining her work since commencing in the Dearne in 2017 in relation to signposting and navigating individuals and families to service providers, external organisations, DIAL, DWP and other appropriate bodies.


She made particular reference to two case studies, outlined the work she had undertaken in respect of each individual case and gave details of the outcome of her involvement for each family/individual.


The presentation engendered a full and frank discussion during which matters of a general and detailed nature were raised and answers were given to Members’ questions where appropriate.  Particular reference was made to instances where individuals/families struggled to obtain support they needed as they failed to meet the requisite criteria for the various support mechanisms/streams and to the ways in which this could possibly be addressed in the future.  It was noted that meetings had been arranged with various Local Authority Departments and Organisations to try to ensure that a solution focussed approach could be developed.


Reference was  also made of the increasing number of multiple deprivation cases coming to light.  It was suggested that four or five cases should be analysed to facilitate an examination of how issues could be escalated, solutions found and, if not, what service developments needed to be examined.


RESOLVED that the presentation be received and Ms Goddard be thanked for all her hard work, for attending the meeting and for answering Members questions.