Agenda item

The Environmental Enforcement Commission

Members are asked to consider whether they wish to recommission the 2019-2020 Environmental Enforcement Commission.


The Area Council Manager submitted a report seeking to recommission for one year (with the option to extend for two periods of one year) the Environmental Enforcement Service.


The proposals had been subject of discussion at a Steering Group of Councillors which had reviewed the contract in depth and would provide a zero tolerance enhanced services and include more visible uniformed presence and an educational element. 


It was noted that Councillor C Wraith MBE had also been in attendance at the Steering Group meeting held on the 1st August, 2018.


It was noted that the tender may be issued in lots alongside amended Enforcement Services to be delivered by the South Area Council and the Central Area Council and appendices to the report provided:


·         The invitation to Tender – Project overview and Scope of Service

·         Instructions for Tendering and Tender Evaluation

·         Pricing Schedule and Form of Tender

·         Form of Contract

·         Timeline




(i)            That the zero tolerance enhanced Environmental Enforcement Service including more visible uniformed presence and an educational element be recommissioned as detailed within the report and appendices now submitted;  and


(ii)       That the service specification and associated procurement documentation to procure an Environmental Enforcement Service be approved for one year at a total cost of £70,000 per annum with the option to extend for a two further periods of one year subject to satisfactory performance, continued identified need and availability of finance.

Supporting documents: