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North East Area Council Project Performance Report


The Area Council Manager introduced this item and provided Members with a detailed update report regarding performance of the North East Are Council’s commissioned projects together with a summary performance management report and individual cases for each service. 


Particular reference was made to the following case studies:


·         Barnsley Community Build – Apprenticeships and Employability – the case studies demonstrated the difference that the commission was achieving for young people within the area

o   one apprentice had, within weeks, changed his life and had left the programme and found employment

o   one further apprentice with previously poor prospects had been involved in the construction programme had joined the Environmental Team and became a valued member of that Team

·         in relation to the Royston Pavilion scheme it was noted that in relation to project planning, contributions ‘in kind’ amounted to £7,165 (at the time of writing the report) but this was now estimated to be much higher

·         the work being undertaken in relation to the ‘Lunch Time Period’ project which linked to Outwood Academy Shafton and Outwood Academy Carlton and which was being piloted for one year was highlighted.  It was noted that this scheme would complement work being promoted by the Ward Alliance

·         the Lets Dance project at Great Houghton was continuing to be an outstanding success and was transforming how participants felt, provided emotional wellbeing and kept them fit

·         Physical Futures, a resource centre based in Carlton was continuing to provide opportunities to help adults with learning and physical disabilities to have a fulfilling live.  Service users had been involved in the Carlton Gala held on the 4th August, 2018 which had been a tremendous success, so much so that participants were keenly looking forward to the gala next year


RESOLVED that the update report be noted.

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