Agenda item

Housing Migration Officer (Presentation) - Zoe Wardle


Zoe Wardle, Housing Migration Officer, was welcomed to the meeting and delivered a presentation about her role in the Private Sector Housing and Enforcement Service. 


It was explained that the service deals with all issues capable of having a detrimental effect on others, including ASB, environmental issues, property/housing conditions, private sector housing, fly-tipping, littering and socio-economic and social issues.  The service works closely alongside other agencies such as South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Adult and Children’s Social Services, landlords/letting agents and other voluntary and community sector agencies, referring clients on where appropriate to other agencies  such as Social Care (including Mental Health), Age UK, Berneslai Homes and  DWP.   


The aim of the service is to empower communities to work towards setting their own standards in terms of behaviour, environmental standards and housing and property standards and thus contributes to safe and cohesive communities. 


A number of case studies drawn from Darton East and Old Town wards were highlighted, together with a breakdown of the number of tasks undertaken across the years.  It was noted that the majority of jobs fall into the category of ‘waste’, followed by ‘fly-tipping’.  The largest number of referrals were received from St Helens Ward , followed by Old Town.


Members asked a number of questions to which appropriate responses were given.  Members were aware of a number of long-standing issues in their local areas such as ASB, gang related issues, drug problems, vulnerable families and younger children at risk which are now on the way to being resolved for the first time in many years.  It was felt that this role had provided a much enhanced service, with brilliant outcomes and that if the service were to be decommissioned, would leave a massive gap in service.


RESOLVED that Zoe be thanked for the excellent work carried out to date, her attendance and contribution at the meeting.