Agenda item

Notes from the Ward Alliance Fund

Darton East – held on 10th July 2018

Darton West – held on 9th July 2018

Old Town – held on 3rd July 2018

St Helen's – held on 5th July 2018



The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 10th July, Darton West Ward Alliance held on 9th July; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 3rd July and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 5th July 2018.


The following updates were received:


Darton East – Funds have been allocated to spring bulbs and Christmas eventsand there are other projects in the pipeline – more details will be provided at a later date.  The Rotary Club have donated a memorial bench which will be installed in the Memorial Garden.  In terms of the village centre improvements, pavements have been replaced and kerbs heightened to ensure pedestrians are protected at all times.  Road work is to be completed shortly.  It was reported that all the plants in the planter at Eastfield Arms have been stolen.


Darton West – The dog bin at Harry Road Recreational Ground is to be moved.  The defibrillator which was funded by the Ward Alliance is being monitored, as it needs checking every two weeks – this is currently done by volunteers.  The bug hotel ‘Buggingham Palace’ at Harry Road had been destroyed, which caused upset to children.  The Clean and Tidy Team have already co9mpleted repairs.  Other projects are in the pipeline with Horizon school.  A Christmas tree is to be erected at Redbrook, which means there will be 3 in the area. 


Old Town – Cllr Lofts has spoken to the Emmanuel Church to seek clarification before signing the application for the Community Volunteer Co-ordination project as there is a need to get more volunteers.  There was no gala this year due to a lack of volunteers.  There will be 5 real Christmas trees in the Ward this year and the trees will be lit up with solar powered lights.  There is lots of potential for developing parkland in the ward and in the Pogmoor area particularly.


St Helens – The partnership meeting had developed and compiled a ‘what’s on’ leaflet, which is being delivered to residents.  100 metres of crocuses are to be machine planted on greenspaces across the estates.  There are to be 3 Christmas trees this year, plus a memory tree at the chapel.  The gala in July was well attended and improves year on year.  There is new legislation regarding health and safety which need to be complied with.  Community events will be used to host Christmas events this year.  David and Ruth have resigned from volunteering and will be sadly missed.  They were thanked for their input and dedication. 


RESOLVED that the notes of the respective Ward Alliances be noted.


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