Agenda item

Recruiting Foster Carers - Jackie Cumberbatch (Dac.01.10.2018/3)


Jackie Cumberbatch, Fostering Champion for the Dearne area was welcomed to the meeting. 


Members heard about the campaign to recruit foster carers, with each of the Area Councils being assigned a lead social worker and fostering champion for the area.  Those present heard of the low numbers of foster carers in the Dearne Area, and the need to increase this.  The campaign aimed at increasing awareness and dispelling myths around fostering.


Posters were being displayed in prominent places, and there were posts on social media.


Fostering Champions aimed to provide a local face so that interested parties could have a discussion with someone already involved in fostering in an informal setting, as formal events such as at the Town Hall were often daunting to members of the public.


It was noted that children in foster care ranged from new born to age 18 with ‘stay put’ meaning often children stayed with foster carers until they were aged 21.


It was noted that posters tailored to the local area would soon be available and that these would be circulated to Members and the Area Team to circulate.  It was also suggested that a local taster event be held to stimulate interest.



(i)            That thanks be given for the presentation;

(ii)          That the work of the fostering champions be supported; and

(iii)         That the organisation of a local taster event be supported.