Agenda item

Keresforth Close Barnsley - One Public Estate (Cab.25.7.2018/13)




(i)        that approval be given to the principles set out in the report and support the continued collaborative working with public sector partners under the One Public Estate Programme in relation to the Keresforth Close, Barnsley site;


(ii)       that the Corporate Asset Manager be authorised to agree terms for the acquisition of the properties, associated buildings and land (as set out in Appendix B and shown in hatched) from South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust for conversion from offices to 13 units for residential use;


(iii)      that on completion of the purchase of the properties identified in paragraph 2.2 above they be appropriated to the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) and used for new Council housing stock;


(iv)      that budget be set aside from HRA Reserves for the purchase and conversion of the former offices identified in paragraph 2.2 above to provide 13 residential units of the new Council housing be approved;


(v)       that the Corporate Asset Manager be authorised to market the site on behalf of the public sector partners and invite offers for the proposed scheme and on receipt of an acceptable offer finalise heads of terms for a sale to the successful bidder;


(vi)      that the Executive Director Core Services be authorised to complete the above transactions as part of the proposed development, subject to the necessary planning permissions being gained where necessary; and


(vii)     that an indicative sum from the capital receipt generated for the Council be earmarked to provide for statutory improvements to buildings occupied by the Day Opportunities Service, where service users have been moved to, as a result of these proposals, subject to a further report on the actual amount in due course.