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Performance Report Q1 (Pac.19.07.2018/5)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, and it was noted that many projects had come to an end at the close of quarter 4.  However, information was still outstanding in relation to a number of Working Together Fund grants, including those given to the Roundtable and Trans Pennine Trail Volunteers.


The attention of Members was drawn to the numbers of Adult Volunteers, which had increased significantly in the previous quarter.  This was largely due to the work of Twiggs.  Members also noted the significant increase in the numbers of young people volunteering. Though the Area Council did no longer fund any direct intervention with young people, the increase in numbers were attributed to work of Twiggs and the intergenerational work undertaken by AGE UK.


Members also noted the significant increase in the value of volunteering, which was in part due to increases in numbers, but also due to the increase in hourly rate now attributed.


The Area Council Manager provided an overview of the performance of DIAL, noting that demand was now being managed effectively, but that there was still the need to produce a leaflet with useful telephone numbers to assist those waiting.


With regards to the contract with Twiggs Grounds Maintenance, the team were making significant progress with many other organisations involved, including schools and businesses.  Members heard how good progress was being made in relation to the roll out of Incredible Edible in Penistone.

The service delivered by AGE UK was performing well, with ‘sloppy slipper’ events being an effective way of engaging residents in outlying areas.  Future events planned would look towards planning for winter including measures to tackle cold homes, safety in the home, and wellbeing, which can be linked to excess winter deaths.


Members noted that Sporting Penistone had made progress on training, but that there was still more to be made.  Feedback was also provided on Penistone FM, which had been instrumental in upskilling both younger and older people.  The role of the radio station in increasing awareness of what was happening in the community was also acknowledged, with increased audiences at both football and cricket matches showing its impact.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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