Agenda item

Commissioning, Project Development and Finance Update


The Area Council Manager introduced this item and provided Members with a financial position and forecast for expenditure report based on the projects that have been proposed. 


The report indicated the current position for projects, annual commitments from April 2018 and current budget position including underspend.  In terms of the Stronger Communities Grants, performance information for the quarter end is currently being collated and monitoring meetings will take place shortly.  It was highlighted that there will be a new provider for the distribution of the Community Magazine – a timescale is being developed and the next issue will go out in the autumn.




(i)    The North Area Council note the existing budget position and forecast for the funding commitments;


(ii)  The North Area Council note that contrary to previous information the North Area received a budget of £400,000 for the period 2017/18;


(iii)Members note the update regarding the proposed recruitment of a Young Peoples Participation Worker;


(iv)Members note the update on the Social Inclusion and Fuel Poverty Reduction project proposal;


(v)  Members note the current financial position, and



(vi)Members note that forecasted annual budget commitments based on the decisions that were made at the September and November 2017 meetings.



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