Agenda item

Consideration of Boroughwide Services Delivered Locally - Update (Cen.14.05.2018/6)


Members were referred to the report as circulated, and the details of the work previously undertaken as set out in the table at 3.4 of the report was noted.


Discussion then turned to the future programme of work, with suggestions that Neighbourhood Services be revisited around September, 2019 once restructure had been fully operational for six months.  In addition it was suggested that the Family Centre/ Family Support Service be reconsidered in October 2018, and the Safer Neighbourhood Service in September, 2018.

Members agreed that consideration of Berneslai Homes services would be pertinent, but that the scope of the exercise needed to be well defined to be most productive.  It was therefore suggested that Members forward their suggestions to the Area Chair or Area Council Manager, and if these provided no real consensus then a workshop be convened to discuss the scope between Central Area Council Members.



(i)            That the update on current exercises to consider boroughwide services delivered locally be noted;

(ii)          That the future programme of exercises be supported;

(iii)         That Members forward their thoughts on the scope of the exercise with Berneslai Homes to the Area Chair or Area Council Manager.

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