Agenda item

Performance Report Q4 (Sac.27.04.2018/5)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager.  The attention of Members was drawn to information relating to the contract with Kingdom Security for Environmental Enforcement.  It was noted that information related to Quarter 4 had been delayed.  This was as a result of the contract manager being on leave for 6 weeks, with no alternative contact provided. In addition a number of issues highlighted previously had failed to be acted upon.


Members noted that the payment for the contract had been withheld, and arrangements had been made with regards to breaching the terms of contract.


It was acknowledged that there were no issues with any of the remaining contracts.  It was noted that the majority of the contracts were due to expire within 18 months, with no option to extend.  Further consideration would be given to this later in the agenda.


RESOLVED that the report be received.

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